Papier Mache Ceiling Repairs

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These pictures show the mould making and production of papier mache repairs to the great gallery ceiling at Strawberry Hill Mansions.

We spent a long time experimenting with historic ingredients before achieving a mix which was strong light and flexible enough, lovely stuff like Allum, Shellac, Whiting and Rabbit Skin glue.

The papier machet is then painted and gilded

2 thoughts on “Papier Mache Ceiling Repairs

  1. Dear Tom Brown,

    I have been trying to find out who did the conservation work on the ceiling at Strawberry Hill – but I didn’t think of looking up a stone carver!

    The reason for my interest is related to some historical work I am doing on Gayfield House in Edinburgh where they have two paper mache ceilings dating from around 1765 . This is a ‘scrap-book’ page on the house which may turn into a proper historical page.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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