Papier Mache Ceiling Repairs

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These pictures show the mould making and production of papier mache repairs to the great gallery ceiling at Strawberry Hill Mansions.

We spent a long time experimenting with historic ingredients before achieving a mix which was strong light and flexible enough, lovely stuff like Allum, Shellac, Whiting and Rabbit Skin glue.

The papier machet is then painted and gilded

St George’s Chapel Grotesque

‘A banker in a strong wind’.

This is a clay sketch, my second Grotesque design, for St George’s Chapel Windsor.The first (the mouse with grafted human ear) is to be installed this year.If approved, he will join my first design and be carved in limestone and he will be installed next year.

This is me and my friend Will, You can see where i got the inspiration!

Banker BW 3 Banker BW 1 Banker BW 2

n547761551_575508_1417will in a breeze

Banker large 1 banker large 3 Banker 2 small

  1. Here he is further along the design process, he now has a combover, pin stripe suit and bowler hat, and is grasping a bank note in his hand.