‘Custard Dream’ 

A life size custard Cream biscuit, hand carved in Portland Limestone, and stained with tea leaves. Probably the most widely recognised piece of decorative foliate ornament in modern times. (and I got to eat the whole the pack while I worked). 

Strawberry Hill Stone shields Diary

Day 1

1st December 2010

Loosely roughing out forms

blan2 blank 3

Day 2

2nd December 2010

Developing detail, focusing on the mane and face. Paws are very tricky.

Liking the deranged expression.

P1030143 P1030144


Day 3

Focusing on axe detail and flow of the mane

P1030149 P1030151


Day 4

The Strawberry Flower crown and musculature

P1030153 P1030154


Day 5

Cleaning up, undercutting and concentrating on catching light and shadow when lit from above

P1030167 P1030168

And here are the other two!


 P1030126 P1030119 P1030171

 installed shields two  installed shields three installed shields one

And here they are after I have installed them above the main entrance at Strawberry Hill in Twickenham.


Frozen Lake


Medieval Alabaster panels

Image0075 Image0076

DSC02854 DSC02859

I have removed and cleaned these delicate Medieval Alabaster panels, they are the consistency of soap.

No water can be applied when cleaning as Alabaster breaks down into Gypsum. when in contact with water.

They were moved from their original positions in the 19th century, the walls of Strawberry Hill were x-rayed to find their original 18th century niches.

I will re-install them in their proper place at a later date, when they will be distempered.