18th Century Armorial Cartoons

These are original 18th century archival Cartoons which I am interpreting in order to work the three heraldic shields featured in them from clay. I will then carve them in Lime stone and install them above the main entrance at Strawberry Hill, you can see where they will be fixed in the cartoon top right.


Untitled, 7/19/06, 1:50 PM,  8C, 5772x8640 (1164+1464), 100%, Default Settin,  1/60 s, R59.8, G33.1, B36.7<br /> OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         great north bedchamber006lwlpr16706



One thought on “18th Century Armorial Cartoons

  1. Well done Tom your input to this project has been invaluable.

    Brian Hembrow (site manager, Strawberry Hill)

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