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  1. Warmest congratulations Tom on being selected for the Craft &Design Gold Award 2010! I hope it brings you lots of great commissions. And best wishes for the safe arrival of Baby 2! Kind regards,

  2. Great website Tom,

    I will reccomend you to all who admire stone carvings as much as me.

    Best of luck for the future, it’s certainly set in stone

    Regds Julie

  3. Congratulations on the sheer diversity and quality of your work, it is very impressive and a joy to see. I am longing to see your mouse high up on St. George’s Chapel, not to mention Will too, hadn’t seen him before.

  4. Brilliant website, great work, your beak head is genius! Do your stony interests maybe extend as far back as the Bronze Age? We’re hoping they do – hear you occasionally visit Ireland, and our local conservation group here in Donegal urgently needs help or even just advice on looking after and maybe enhancing various rock-scribings/petroglyphs around the isle of Doagh area? Also with conserving/rebuilding a crumbling corbelled sweat-house?
    Here is a link to a good website with images & info about both petroglyphs and sweathouses which we hope may whet your appetite!? http://www.irishgenius.org/seanchlocha6.html
    Can’t offer much in the way of recompense alas, times being hard as you’ll know yourself, but just a visit and a few wise words might put us on the right track?
    all the best with your work

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